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6 months ago

Google Tracker
Chromebook Incident Report
Video Production Tips
IMovie Tutorial 1
iMovie Tutorial                       Green Screen
ToonDoo Tutorial                  Create Magazine Cover
Career Jeopardy                     IA Student
IXL                                            PowerSchool Student
Quia                                         SAM Student Access
SC Library Ebook                   SOL Online Practice
Test Nav                                  Typing Web
VA Career View                      Writing Practice Tool
SOL Practice Items                SOL Released Tests  
ebook with overdrive          
open ebooks app information

Let’s Get eReading!

Students now able to download and use the Open eBooks app for free. With this app, students can access a library of thousands of popular and award winning eBooks for free! We hope the Open eBooks app helps to further

support and engage and foster the of reading beyond the classroom.

Your code: ________________ - given to you

Your PIN: _________________ - given to you

How to download the App:

1. Go to the App Store on your device (Apple or Android).

2. Search for “Open eBooks” and follow the instructions to download.

3. Open the app.

4. Agree to any terms and conditions.

5. Enter your code and PIN combination (provided above) when prompted.

6. Browse the catalog of books available.

7. Download eBooks of interest and enjoy reading! Please note: when using the app, standard data rates apply. Please note: You can download 10 eBooks at a time. Each eBook will be available for 56 days before it must be renewed. That’s it! Enjoy!

Supply List

about 1 year ago

By Rebecca S. Coffman

6th grade

3 ring zippered pencil pouch (1)

Earbuds or headphones to use with Chromebooks (1)

Package of colored pencils (1)
Package highlighters (1)

Pair of scissors (1)

Glue sticks (2)


5 subject vinyo covered spiral notebook (1)

3 ring binder 1 inch (2)

Loose leaf paper

Index cards ( 1 package - 100 count)

Dividers for binders (1 package)

Dry Erase markers (6)

7th grade

3 ring binder 2 inch (3)


Index cards (3 packages - 100 count each)

Highlighters (1 package of 5)

Colored pencils (1 package)

Glue Sticks (3)

Dry erase markers (6)

Earbuds or headphones to be used with Chromebooks (1)

Dividers (2 package for binders - 5 count each)

Loose leaf paper

Scissors (1 pair)

3 ring zippered pencil pouch (1)

5 subject spiral notebook (1)

8th grade

3 ring zippered pencil pouch (1)

2 inch 3 ring binder (2)

Loose leaf paper


Dry erase markers (6)

Highlighters (1 package)

Colored pencils (1 package)

Composition notebooks (2)

Earbuds or headphones to use with chromebooks (1)
Spiral notebooks (2)

Glue sticks (2)

Scissors (1)

Index cards (1 package  - 100 count)

Geometry Only:

Compass (1)

3 inch 3 ring binder (1)

Hour of Code

about 1 year ago

Most of these are blockly activities - which means the students are creating code using blocks of instructions


Star Wars




Angry Birds

Flappy Bird


Mystery Island

Google CS First


Turtle Academy


Code Academy


Code Combat

App Inventor

Phython Room

More Activities - Languages such as Java, CSS etc

Ate my homework - See what is looks like  then click remix or click here for site  Create

Evil 404 -   The World-of-Code has been corrupted. Your job is to save the World-of-Code. Make their game hero jump high and far as they strive to reach creative goals and restore their very own World-of-Code.

Secret Code Generator For the Adventurous Type Explore this section of activities

BYOD Information

about 1 year ago

PMMS Instructions to Connect to BYOD Wireless

  1. On your device, go to the option that shows the available wireless networks.

  2. Select the one entitled, SCPS-BYOD.

  3. Insert password.

  4. Go to a web browser

  5. A screen will appear with an Important Notice.  You must click the “I Understand and Accept the Usage Terms” button in order to proceed.

  6. After the device is logged in the first time, it will not be necessary to enter the password in the future.

  7. The Important Notice screen will appear each day and you  will have to click the acceptance button.

  Expectations of Students when using BYOD Wireless

  • Students are responsible for their device

  • Students bring fully charged devices to school

  • Use devices for learning  with teacher permission

  • Make good choices

  • Devices away during lunch